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Guided fund investment

Key words�
1. Government guiding fund
Give full play to the leverage effect of guiding funds, focus on strategic emerging industries that meet the needs of nanjing's key development, cooperate with well-known venture capital institutions, central enterprises, large private enterprises and global top 500 multinational companies in the industry, and jointly set up equity investment funds. Cooperative institutions include shenzhen venture capital (clay-clay), provincial high investment (bangsheng capital), jiangsu venture capital (kaiyuan venture capital), weisi capital, jinmao capital and TCL venture capital, etc. (at present, 24 market-oriented investment funds, 3 urban cooperation funds and 3 industrial cooperation funds have been launched and set up. The total size of the fund exceeded 6.3 billion yuan, and the size of the guiding fund increased by 7.16 times. Up to December 2017, the guiding fund has invested 214 projects in equity sub-funds with a total investment of about 2.89 billion yuan, including 81 projects in nanjing with a total investment of 910 million yuan.
2. Mother fund for the development of emerging industries
At the end of 2016, the nanjing municipal government invested 10 billion yuan to establish the nanjing industrial development fund with a total scale of 50 billion yuan, aiming to give full play to the guidance, incentive and leverage role of the government investment fund through the market-oriented way, attract social capital and professional institutions to participate, and promote the industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of the real economy of nanjing. The fund will focus on 14 key areas in seven categories, including new-generation information technology, integrated circuits, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and biomedicine. At present, the emerging industry development fund plans to invest 2.4 billion yuan to set up 11 sub-funds together with cicc capital, yida capital, suning group, haier group, sumin investment, guojian capital, heli capital, fangsheng capital, leishi capital and other institutions, with a fund size of 16.5 billion yuan. The fund invests in areas such as integrated circuits, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, biomedicine and consumer upgrades.
3. Science and technology innovation fund
In 2018, in order to implement the "several policies and measures on the construction of innovative famous cities with global influence" issued by nanjing municipal party committee and municipal government, we will strengthen the integration of finance, industry and technology, accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote the construction of innovative famous cities. The nanjing municipal government shall contribute no less than 5 billion yuan in installments to establish a city-level science and technology innovation fund.
The sci-tech innovation fund will focus on new r&d institutions and high-tech parks, vigorously develop innovative industrial clusters, and help cultivate innovative leading enterprises. Through cooperative establishment of sub-funds and direct investment, we will support the "integration of the two with one", the cultivation of new research and development institutions and their projects, the cultivation of innovative enterprises and industries, and the cultivation of talent introduction projects. Focus on the angel, the initial stage of scientific and technological innovation projects.